3 Things You Must Know About Ford Maintenance Costs – Ford Car Care Near Hyde Park, UT

Your Ford is a precious investment that you want to keep reliable for a long time. This entails that you visit a Ford car care center near you regularly. After all, missing your service appointment can lead to reduced performance and extra wear and tear.

However, keep in mind that you need to allocate an annual budget for your Ford car care. Maintaining vehicles from this American brand is not steeply expensive, but it’s also not the most affordable in the market. As such, our automotive experts in Utah share three vital things you need to know about Ford servicing costs.

1. What affects Ford maintenance prices?

What you pay your Ford car care shop in Hyde Park is affected by several factors. Routine maintenance like filter replacements and oil changes is predictable, but repair expenses are less foreseeable. However, you should still include the latter in the overall costs of owning a Ford.

With an average reliability rating, Ford is the 23rd most reliable vehicle among 34 brands ranked by J.D. power in 2021. On the other hand, RepairPal gave it a 3.5 out of 5-star rating and a rank of 21 out of 32 brands investigated.

The most commonly reported issues among Ford owners in Utah include power booster issues, ignition misfires, and harsh automatic transmission shifting. Contact our car care experts in Hyde Park right away if you notice any of these. Delaying repairs for these issues can result in costly breakdowns in the future.

2. Average Ford Car Care Cost in Utah According to Model

Ford owners will likely spend $775 annually for regular automotive maintenance and unexpected repairs. This is more than a hundred dollars  higher than the industry mean of $650, reflecting the brand’s average reliability scores.

For example, a Ford Mustang will set you back by $710 per year, while an Explorer will cost you about $730. Ford F-150 and Expedition are among the priciest to maintain, starting at $790 and above. Meanwhile, the Ford Escape and Fusion have the cheapest upkeep at less than $600.

Just call our Ford car care center near you in Hyde Park if you need a free estimate on service and repairs. Our seasoned and friendly auto repair technicians are here to help.

3. Routine Maintenance Offerings at Steve’s Ford Car Care Shop in Hyde Park, UT

Our automotive experts in Utah strongly recommend that you follow the factory-recommended service schedule. This interval is every 10,000 miles for Ford vehicles.

For instance, a Ford car care appointment per 10,000 miles typically covers tire rotation, system inspection, and oil change service. A 20,000-mile schedule entails cabin air filter replacement, and your next visit will include an engine air filter replacement.

The 100,000th mile is extra-important since it is the time for spark plug and engine coolant replacement. Moreover, this is the typical schedule for removing old non-serviceable parts like the drive belt and installing new ones.

Even after 150,000 miles, it is still advisable to get 10,000-mile services regularly. Our Ford mechanics at Steve’s Automotive Specialists will let you know when to replace specific parts.

Ford Car Care Near Me in Hyde Park, UT

We cannot stress enough the importance of timely maintenance for Ford vehicles. Though it may cost $775 per year on average, a regular appointment with our techs can significantly benefit its durability and reliability. Please schedule a service online or visit our Ford car care center at 52 West 3900 North, Suite A, Hyde Park, UT 84318.