Alignment Shop in Sandy, UT – 5 Key Benefits of Fixing Wheel Misalignments

It is obvious when it’s time to set an appointment with your mechanic in Sandy, UT, for most automotive services. Battery replacement? It’s clear when your old one is dead. Oil change? You know that based on the user manual.

But how about an alignment service? Drivers in Utah often overlook this procedure, but our experts at Steve’s Automotive cannot stress its importance enough. We highly recommend that you get an alignment  every two years. If not, you will likely find yourself scratching your head in the future, frantically searching for “alignment shop near me” on Google.

Why visit an alignment shop regularly?

Fixing tire misalignments have several perks like better gas efficiency and overall safety on the road. Here, we break down the benefits of realigning your wheels and readjusting your suspension to factory-recommended settings. 

1. More comfortable rides

Let’s start with the most easily perceptible perk of getting a wheel alignment: smoother rides. Over time, you will notice that your ride feels bumpier as you speed along roads in Sandy, UT. Your seat and steering wheel will vibrate, and it will worsen the faster you go. Getting an alignment from our shop in Sandy, UT will smooth out your ride and improve your overall behind-the-wheel experience.

2. Improved steering and safety

It is difficult to steer on Utah highways with misaligned wheels. You may find that your vehicle tends to pull toward one side. Additionally, you might have to hold the steering wheel at an awkward angle to keep driving along a straight line.

More importantly, properly aligned wheels move in synchronized harmony and give you better control over your car. This significantly lowers your risk of being involved in an accident.

3. Savings on fuel expenses

According to a recent study by the US Department of Energy, visiting an alignment shop every 2-3 years can improve fuel economy by up to 10%. That means visiting gas stations in Utah less frequently and 10% more savings on gas.

Our alignment specialists in Sandy will readjust the toe, caster, and camber of your vehicle. These are angles relating to the configuration of your wheels and the suspension system. When these are restored to their original settings, this service will help conserve fuel and reduce tire drag.

4. Longer interval between tire replacements

Misalignment can result in greater friction and wear on your tires. As such, your tire treads will thin out faster and have reduced traction on the road. Visit our alignment shop in Sandy, UT, soon if you notice uneven or premature tire wear. This will net you more savings on tire replacement costs in the long run.

5. Better longevity for your prized vehicle

Correctly aligned wheels are vital for the durability and reliability of your car. Utah roads are generally in good condition – but it can be rough out there with rogue bumps and potholes. Hitting one, for example, can hurt your suspension and tires if you have a faulty alignment. Thus, getting an alignment service every 2-3 years is a vital investment for protecting your prized vehicle.

Alignment shop near me in Sandy, UT

This often-overlooked service has tons of benefits for your car, so you should entrust it only to experienced alignment experts in Utah. Don’t hesitate to give Steve’s Automotive a call or make an appointment through our website. Our auto repair and wheel alignment shop is conveniently located at 9245 South 700, East Sandy, UT 84070.