How to Get Better Gas Mileage for Your BMW – BMW Auto Repair near Hyde Park UT

Transportation costs make up a big chunk of the American household budget. In fact, the average American is estimated to spend about 293 hours driving every year. That’s why improving the fuel economy of your BMW is crucial. Fuel-efficient cars need less gas to travel the same distance, resulting in lower gas spending and less pollution.

Our BMW auto repair experts at Steve’s Automotive in Hyde Park, UT, share 5 ways to help you get better gas mileage for your BMW and save a lot of money. Here they are:

1. Choose premium-grade gasoline.

The BMW owner’s manual recommends premium-grade gasoline for fueling. This is because premium-grade gas is the most suitable choice for performance-oriented vehicles like your BMW. Premium gasoline can also improve your fuel economy by up to 4%.

Not using premium gas won’t necessarily land your vehicle in a BMW auto repair shop in Hyde Park. But you could miss out on your car’s powerful performance that you paid for.

2. Use the BMW auto start/stop function.

To help save fuel, recent BMW models are equipped with an auto start/stop function. It works by turning off the engine instead of putting it on idle during a complete stop. Only the engine is shut off; everything in the car is on, including the ignition. When you take your foot off the brake, the engine turns on automatically and only takes one second to restart.

The auto start/stop function is part of BMW’s EfficientDynamics, an initiative to help BMW vehicles reduce fuel consumption and cut emissions by up to 20%.

3. Take advantage of the BMW coasting function.

The coasting function is part of the BMW ECO PRO, another energy-efficient mode of BMW vehicles. It reduces fuel consumption by disengaging the engine from the transmission as soon as the driver takes off their feet on the accelerator. This function comes in handy when driving on Hyde Park roads.

4. Avoid blasting the air conditioner.

Summers in Hyde Park, UT, can be oppressively hot, and blasting the car AC to its coldest setting is tempting indeed. However, there is another way to lower your BMW’s interior temperature without wasting gas.

Before turning on the air conditioner, open the windows first. This will allow the heat inside to escape after your car is parked in the Utah heat. Additionally, adjusting the AC settings to a few degrees higher can also help improve gas mileage.

5. Stick to the BMW auto repair and maintenance schedule.

Lastly, make sure to follow the recommended maintenance schedule. Doing so will keep your car in good condition, ensure optimal energy efficiency, and help you avoid expensive BMW auto repair services.

To look up the maintenance schedule for your BMW, open the iDrive Controller, choose “Vehicle Status” then select “Service Required”. You will see different symbols and colors to indicate if you need to visit a BMW auto repair in Hyde Park, UT. It will also let you know which services are required.

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Improving the gas mileage of your BMW will not only be beneficial for your car and your finances, but it will also help the environment. For more BMW maintenance tips, visit Steve’s Automotive Specialists in Hyde Park. We are located at 52 West 3900 North, Suite A, Hyde Park, UT 84318. Our BMW auto repair experts in Hyde Park are available from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday. You may also book an online appointment.