Improving Fuel Efficiency: Tire and Auto Shop near Clearfield UT

Tires are an essential part of your vehicle. That’s why regular tire inspection at a Tire and Auto Shop near you is necessary for the benefit of your car.

Tire pressure, or the amount of air in a tire, has many benefits for drivers and vehicles. For example, tire inflation can improve fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance on the pavement surface.Tire pressure can also improve vehicle handling by increasing cornering force on a tire which increases steering response.

How Does Tire Pressure Affect Fuel Economy? – Tire and Auto Shop near Clearfield Utah

It’s easy to overlook the importance of maintaining your tire pressure.

When you drive on a tire with an incorrect balance, it becomes harder for the wheel and vehicle as a whole. So not only does it increase fuel consumption, but it also makes driving more difficult, leading to dangerous situations.

Maintaining good air pressure goes a long way in saving money by reducing wear and tear from friction between moving parts within each tire.

Regular Tire Inspection & Tire Pressure at Tire and Auto Shop near Clearfield UT

Your tires could be the best quality, but if they are not maintained properly, you’ll still face problems.

At Tire and Auto Shop, we offer a complete line of services for all your vehicle needs that include tire inspection to maintain proper pressure.

How often should you check tire pressure? – Tire and Auto Shop near me Clearfield, Utah

Most tire and auto experts in Clearfield, Utah recommend that you check your tire pressure at least once per month.

Tire pressure decreases as the air heats up during the day and increases when it cools down. Tire pressure will also drop on extremely hot or cold days, significantly if you regularly drive through extreme temperatures.

Do you need Goodyear Winter Tires in Clearfield, Utah? – Tire and Auto Shop near Clearfield, Utah

All-season tires are fine for most weather, but they may not be enough if you live in a region with wintery conditions.

It’s important to keep your tires in great shape during the winter. Traction on snow becomes more important than anything else because vehicles can’t handle turns well without good handling abilities, and spinning out of control will lead to an accident.

When the temperature drops, the tires can get stiffer but snow tires stay soft so you can maintain contact on slippery roads and icy conditions during wintertime.The large irregular grooves on their tread pattern work together with your vehicle’s wheel to force any accumulated snow away and allow for better grip while driving.

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