What It Means When The Check Engine Light Comes On

Are you scratching your head every time the check engine light lights up? The check engine light, or malfunction indicator lamp, lights up when your car’s sensors or computer notice an abnormality. Unfortunately, there’s not one single reason why the check engine light turns on. It is a standard feature in modern cars, but there’s still a lot to be said when the check engine light suddenly lights up. If you are a new car owner, do not panic. The best course of action is to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop for a thorough diagnosis. 

Understand The Meaning Of Check Engine Light

Experienced car owners likely have a hint of why their vehicle is acting up. However, it’s not the case for everyone. The practical solution is to bring your vehicle to an automotive repair shop. Mechanics use code readers to analyze your car’s problem. You can purchase a code reader online, but it doesn’t guarantee any actual results. If you manage to get one, a code reader can only tell you the problem but not how to fix it. Only a skilled and experienced mechanic can decipher the codes and provide an effective solution.

The Common Reasons Why The Check Engine Light Turns On.

There are numerous reasons why the Check Engine Light turns on. Here are a few probable causes:

  • The spark plug and ignition coils need replacing.
  • The oxygen sensor is faulty.
  • Your car needs a new catalytic converter.
  • Loose or faulty gas cap.
  • The mass airflow sensor needs replacing.
  • Banged up fuel injectors.
  • Faulty thermostat readings.

The list above shows only a handful of the probable reasons why the check engine light is triggered. It is best to bring your vehicle to an automotive repair shop near you for a thorough inspection.

Don’t Ignore The Warnings.

Driving with the check engine light on isn’t a great idea. When the light starts flashing, your car needs immediate attention. Mechanics strongly advise against traveling when the check engine light is flashing. If you still choose to drive while the check engine light is on, serious repercussions could soon follow. Here’s what you should do:

  • Pull over – stop the vehicle and assess the situation. If the check engine light is not flashing, you can continue driving but be sure to visit an auto repair shop immediately.
  • Call an auto repair shop – if the check engine light keeps on flashing after pulling over, call an auto repair shop for roadside assistance.

Look For A Reliable Auto Repair Shop In Sandy, Utah

When you experience car problems, don’t take your vehicle to just any auto repair shop, bring it over to a reputable and experienced car care shop. A lit check engine light can have numerous causes. To pinpoint the problem, a mechanic needs to run diagnostics so that the correct repairs can be done and get your car running safely in no time. 

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