Wheel Alignment Shop Near Orem, UT

A proper wheel alignment is critical to ensure your tires wear out at the correct rate. It’s also a great way of preventing any vibrations or other abnormalities from happening while driving, which can lead you into an uncomfortable situation!

Perform wheel alignments routinely to ensure that your tires last the intended lifetime. Having your tires aligned prevents your vehicle from driving abnormally, including excessive vibrations and poor handling. There are various requirements for adjusting and positioning the wheels on the car or truck based on the manufacturer. You risk uneven wear and safety if you do not get a wheel alignment after noticing red flags or disregarding vehicle maintenance schedules.

Wheel alignment is crucial in keeping your tires healthy and safe. If you notice any of these signs, get it checked out soon!

Uneven Tread Wear

A wrong alignment can cause uneven and rapid wear of certain tread portions on your tires. If you observe that your tires are wearing unevenly, bring them to Steve’s Automotive Specialists in Orem, UT, and we’ll get them fixed right away! It will help reduce tire wear, improve gas mileage, and promote a safer drive.

Vehicle Pulling to One Side

If the tires are not perfectly aligned, it can end up causing your vehicle to pull left or right even when your steering wheel is pointing straight. It can worsen over time and cause more damage to your car.

Steering Wheel is Off-center While Driving Straight

Your steering wheel is off-center – the logo is not straight, even though your wheels are straight because your wheels aren’t properly aligned. It is one of the symptoms of a bad wheel alignment, and you may see the steering wheel is crooked after having the wheels aligned.

The Car or Steering Wheel is Vibrating

When you accelerate, your car or steering wheel should not vibrate to the point that you can feel it in your grip. When your vehicle shakes while driving, it could indicate several problems, such as wheel misalignment. An ASE-Certified technician will need to find the issue to determine whether the reason is misalignment or another concern.

Our Wheel Alignment Process

While performing a tire alignment service, our technicians follow proven and tested repairs, ensuring your wheels become aligned properly. They check the tire pressure, perform wheel balancing and mounting, and tire rotations, as well as, alignment, and axle and control arm repairs, as needed. Steve’s Automotive Services uses modern automotive repair technology, including computerized frame and wheel alignments, to better evaluate and fix your vehicle. These are the components of your car that we inspect during wheel alignment services:


When seen from the front of the vehicle, the camber is the inward or outward tire angular position. If a tire leans too far inward or outward, it suggests that the alignment is incorrect and should be corrected. Faulty wheel suspension components including ball joints and bearings can cause camber misalignment.


Toe alignment refers to how far inward or outward your tires turn when observed from above. Toe-in alignment is when you stand up and point your toes inward toward the middle of your body, and the tires on your vehicle are angled the same way. To achieve toe-out alignment, position your feet outward. Both require accurate modification.


Caster is the wheel’s angle viewed from the side of your vehicle. A positive caster indicates that the steering access is tilted toward the driver, whereas a negative caster shows that the steering access is twisted away from the driver. Caster angle aids in the balance of cornering, stability, and control.

Your Reliable Wheel Alignment Service in Orem, UT

You don’t want to be driving on worn out, unsteady tires on your next journey, no matter where it takes you. At Steve’s Automotive Specialists in Orem, UT, we thoroughly check your vehicle to resolve problems and adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Whether you need a regular oil change, engine repair, new tires, brakes, or a new car battery, head to our Orem, UT location. Our technicians are trained and use cutting-edge innovation to deliver high-quality service.

If you are in Orem, UT, and require reliable wheel alignment services, contact us at (801) 406-7422 or schedule an appointment online. We also have an auto repair shop in Salt Lake City, UT, Hyde Park, UT, Clearfield, UT, and Sandy, UT! Drive safely and confidently in Utah, knowing your most trusted auto repair shop is here to help you.